Bangkok, Thailand

A short stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

Estimated Budget: PHP 12,000 All In

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and also known for magnificent temples and palaces, best street and exotic food, busy markets, wild nightlife and of course exhausting traffic. Haha!

Khao San Road

Beforehand I search thru the internet where is the best place to stay in Bangkok. After reading few blogs, I opted to spend my whole stay in Green House Hostel along Khao San Road, the backpacker capital of the world. Here you will find a lot of bargain stalls, endless bars, and sheer variety of street food. You should bring out your negotiation skills when shopping, bargain hard! The more you buy, the lower the price. I can say that everything you are looking for is already here.

The cheapest way to get to Khao San Road from Suvarnabhumi Airport is to take the Airport Rail Link (ARL) City Line train to Makkasan Station (20 minutes, 35 THB) and then a #556 bus at the bus stop (35 THB) or you can take a public taxi outside the airport at average cost of 500 THB.

Busy market along Khao San Road.
Dried squid for 30 THB.
Your holiness.
Coconut Ice Cream for 40 THB.
Mango shake for 60 THB.
Being the cheapest and efficient mode of transportation, you can hire a Tuk-tuk to take you around to the temples within the city. Negotiate with them, don’t let them take advantage of you or else you’ll be ripped off.

Tuk-Tuk. Don’t fall for their bait.
Below are some of the places I visited during my stay in Bangkok.

Grand Palace 

It is the city’s most famous landmark. It has a beautiful architecture and intricate detail which made its visitors left in awe.

From my hotel in Khao San Road, it is 15 mins walk. Luckily, I didn’t get lost coz I always have a map with me.

This is where the important occasions are being held.
Grand Palace.
Modern Monks.
Grand Palace.
You’re so gold.
Note: A strict dress code applies. You should wear clothes that cover your legs and shoulders. There is a booth located near the entrance that can provide clothes to cover you up just in case you go there improperly dressed (a deposit is required for 100 THB). Entrance fee is 500 THB. Operating Hours: Daily 08:30 AM – 03:30 PM.

Wat Pho

This is where the famous Temple of the Reclining Buddha lies. It is 10 mins walk from the Grand Palace. Being the leading school of massage, you may also want to experience the traditional Thai massage offered by monks. I purchased a bowl of coins which I dropped in the 108 bronze bowls. It is said that dropping the small pennies in makes a nice ringing sound and even if your wishes don’t come true, the money goes towards helping the monks renovate and preserve Wat Pho.

Reclining Buddha
Inside Wat Pho.
Bronze bowls.

Reclining Buddha.
Note:  Visitors should be properly dressed. Entrance fee is 100 THB which includes a bottle of water. Operating Hours: 08:00 AM -05:00 PM. Massage available until 6:00 PM.

Chao Phraya

One of the famous landmarks in Bangkok and also dubbed as Venice of the East. It offers a great way of getting around the city.

Chao Phraya River.

Chao Phraya Express.
Wat Arun

Next, head across the river to Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). It is situated oppositely of Wat Pho. From Sapphan Taksin boat pier you can take a river boat that stops at Pier 8. From there a small boat will take you to the other side of the river for only 3 THB.

Another way is from Khao San Road to Phra Arthit Pier via Tuk tuk 40 THB or you may opt to walk for 10 mins to the pier. Take a Chao Phraya express boat for 40 THB per way. Get off to Tha Tien Pier 8 then I took a ride to Wat Arun for 3 THB per way.

A beautiful and intricate art.
Wat Arun.
Wat Arun under construction.
Note: Please wear appropriate dress. If you go there improperly dress, there are available clothes for rent for 20 THB with a 100 THB deposit located near the entrance. Entrance fee is 50 THB. Opens at 08:30 AM to 5:30 PM. 

Floating Market

You can enjoy a half-day visit to the floating market in Damnoen Saduak. It became one of the unique attractions in Bangkok. You will see vendors roamed the water to sell vegetables and fruits, different variety of food and souvenirs. Also, some of the locals lived on bamboo rafts or river houses raised on stilts along the river.

Head to the Southern Bus Terminal and catch bus no. 78 to Damnoen Saduak for 1 hour. The earliest trip is 6:00 AM and fare is about 73 THB. The bus will drop you around 1km from the market. You can now walk along the way to the floating market or take a yellow bus or mini van for 10 THB. Then you can now bargain for a boat ride going to the floating market. Travel time is about 45 mins. Ideally, boat ranges for cheap row boat (around 200-300 THB) to a motorboat (600-800 THB).

Floating Market.
With my brother.
A vendor selling fruits.
Elephant Village

Almost everyone who visits Thailand wants to see and ride an elephant, including me!

Strolling around the village.
A 20-minute elephant ride.
Note: Per ride is 1000 THB good for 2 pax. Address: 194 Moo 8, Lak Ha Road | Si Surat, Damnoen Saduak 70130, Thailand. Contact number : +66 32 253 093


Are you a food lover? I bet you will never stop eating here not only because the price is cheap, but because it also offers the best street food in the world.

Chicken Pad Thai for 40 THB.
Deep Dried Fish for 100 THB.
Som Tam for 150 THB.
Croque Madame, Panini, Green Salad and American Breakfast.
Seafood Noodles for 60 THB.
Chicken Wings, Seafood Rice and Mocha.

Main Piers of Chao Phraya

Tha Thewet
(tah tay-wayt)
This is on the edge of the Dusit area. It leads out onto the large Krung Kasem road, which runs all the way down to Chinatown. It’s near the limited accommodation on Sri Ayuthaya road, the National Library and the Thewet Flower market.
Tha Witsut Kasat

(tah wit-sut ga-sat)

This is near Witsut Kasat road, north of Banglamphu and east of Dusit. It’s very near a branch of Bangkok’s famous Yok Yor restaurants.

Tha Wat Sam Phraya

(tah wat sahm pra-yah)

Situated close to where Khlong Banglamphu meets the Chao Phraya river. It’s near Wat Sam Phraya and Wat Sangwet.
Tha Phra Athit
(tah pra ah-tit)
Located just off Phra Ahtit road, this is the pier to get off at for the Khao San road accommodation and the Banglamphu area sights.
Tha Phra Pin Klao
(tah pra bpin glao)
This is located just across the river from Tha Phra Athit, in the Pin Klao district.
Tha Rot Fai
(tah rot fai ton-buri)
This is another pier on the other side of the river. Get off here for the Bangkok Noi (Thonburi) train station.
Tha Phra Chan
(tah pra-jan)
Tha Phra Chan is east of Sanam Luang, in Ko Rattanakosin. It’s close to Thammasat University, the National Museum, and Wat Mahathat and it’s amulet market.
Tha Phrannok
(tah prahn-nok)
On the west side of the river, this leads on to Phrannok road in Thonburi. It’s near Siriraj Hospital.
Tha Maharat
(tah ma-hah-raht)
This is near Silpakorn fine arts University.
Tha Chang
(tah chahng)
This is the pier to get off at for Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace.
Tha Tien
(tah dtee-an)
Go here for the entrance to Wat Pho. This is also the pier for Wat Arun, stop here then take a boat over the river to reach it.
Tha Ratchini
(tah raht-chi-nee)
This is close to the Pak Khlong Flower market, which takes place from 1.00am to 5.00am. It’s also close to the Ministry of Commerce.
Tha Saphan Phut
(tah sa-pahn put)
Situated close to Memorial Bridge (Saphan Phra Phut Yot Fa) and Phra Pokklao bridge.
Tha Ratchawong
(tah raht-cha-wong)
This is the pier to get off at to visit Chinatown, it’s situated at the end of Ratchawong road.
Tha Harbour Dept. This is located off soi 22, Charoen Krung road.
Tha Si Phraya
(tah see pra-yah)
This is close to the large River City shopping complex, the Royal Orchid Sheraton hotel, and the Portuguese and Peruvian embassies.
Tha Muang Khae
(tah meu-ang kair)
This is situated very close to Bangkok’s main post office.
Tha Oriental
(tah oh-rian-dten)
Unsurprisingly, this is next to the Oriental Hotel, and is also near the French embassy.
Tha Shangri-La
(tah sairng-gree-lah)
A short way south of Tha Oriental, this is the pier for the Shangri-La and Peninsula hotels.
Tha Sathorn
(tah sah-torn)
This is by Saphan Taksin / Taksin Bridge, and is the place to get off at for the nearby Skytrain station.

Reference: Main Piers along Chao Phraya River

Budget Breakdown:

Prebooking expenses: Php 6,720.00

  • Roundtrip Airfare via Cebu Pacific – Php 3,500.00
  • Philippine Travel Tax – Php 1,620.00
  • Green House Hostel  – Php 2,800.00/2 pax for 
  • Roundtrip taxi to NAIA  – Php 400.00/2pax


  • Airport to Khao san Road – 500 THB/2 pax
  • Grand Palace Entrance Fee – 500 THB
  • Wat Pho Entrance Fee – 100 THB
  • Small pennies to drop – 10 THB
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) – 400 THB
  • RT Tuktuk to Pier – 160 THB/2 pax
  • Roundtrip Transpo to Wat Arun – 86 THB
  • Wat Arun Entrance fee – 50 THB

DAY 2 

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (includes transpo) – 1000 THB
  • Elephant Village  – 1000 THB/2 pax
  • Seafood Pad Thai in Damnoen – 200 THB
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) – 300 THB
  • Thai Massage – 250 THB

Day 3

  • Khao San Road to Airport (arranged thru a Travel Agency) – 140 THB

Bangkok Expenses: 1476+2250+140 THB 3866=x1.4=

3866 THB x 1.4= Php 5,412.00

Total Expenses: PHP 12,132.00


  • The best time to visit is the cool season that lasts from November till February. March and April represent the hot season and the wet season runs from May until October.
  • Always be sure you have a map with you and the name of where you’re going.
  • Their language is Thai.
  • Currency is Thai Baht (฿)
  • There is no need to secure a visa for Filipinos.
  • The average cost of food from the street is 40 THB per meal (Pad Thai).
  • In every attraction, better to go first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds.
  • Wear clothes that cover your legs and shoulders but you can rent pants or shirts at the palace.
  • Go to the floating market as early as 7:00 AM to avoid the crowd.
  • You will see locals who will approach you and will take you to their boats. Beware!! They are scammers. They will charge you high, you’ll end up ripped off!


Enjoy Bangkok ❤️



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