Island Hopping in Quezon


Padre Burgos and Pagbilao, Quezon

Estimated Budget: PHP 1,430 for 3 Islands

These three islands are located in southern Quezon. Borawan and Dampalitan Islands are both situated in Padre Burgos while Kwebang Lampas also known as Puting Buhangin is part of Pagbilao.

Apart from being busy on our own line of work, my college friends and I managed to have our yearly outing in Quezon province (my hometown, yey). Out of 11 in the barkada, only 6 joined. Well, I can’t blame them coz some of them have their own babies already and different schedules. Then in that moment I called Mommy to prepare for our food and told her that we will be picking it up on our proposed date. Pak! All set.

We went first to my house in Candelaria to pick up the food and later on traveled to Padre Burgos. After almost 5-hour of butt hurt, we finally arrived in Bgry. Marao to meet Nanay Thess who I contacted beforehand for the reservation of the boat. After a short talk with Nanay, she then turned over us to Kuya Benjie, our boatman, then we finally headed to our first Island, the Borawan Island.

Jump off to Borawan Island.

Over the shore, we saw a Manong waiting, he was the one assigned to collect our entrance fee. We pitched a tent and opted to spend our first night in Borawan. Borawan was named after two great islands, BORAcay and palaWAN.

Rented boat for Island hopping.
Borawan Island.
Borawan Island.

On our second day around 6am, we woke up for breakfast and right after we get ourselves ready for our second island. Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao is the most crowded among the three. It has open cottages and tables available for rent or you may also opt to just pitch a tent and stay there.

Kwebang Lampas.
Heading to the cave.

After our seaside walks and photo ops, we ate lunch (our own version of Boodle fight). Haha. Thank you Mommy!

Boodle fight.

We then finally decided to go to Dampalitan Island right after eating lunch. Dampalitan Island is somehow similar to Anawangin Cove because it has pine-trees like.  It is an hour boat travel from Kwebang Lampas. It also has a  sandbar that is visible during low tide early in the morning.

Pine-tree like.
Sandbar and friends.
Dampalitan Island.
Awesome water and view.
Dampalitan Island.
The view is insane.

Around 4 pm, we left the island for Manila.

Do not expect too much but the islands are clean and very well maintained. The sand is fine white but not as white as Boracay but still a great escape from the busy lights of Manila.

How to get there:

From LRT Buendia Jac Liner Bus Station, take a bus ride going to Lucena Grand Terminal for 3-4 hours. From there, you can take a minibus going to Padre Burgos, make sure to tell the conductor to drop you off to May Ann’s Store in Brgy. Marao, Padre Burgos and that’s for about 1 hour. Upon arrival, look for Nanay Thess, or you may contact her beforehand for the boat rental. My recommended boatman is Kuya Benjie.

Where to stay?

There are no accommodations available in the islands. However, you can rent open cottages and tents for a day or overnight. Shower rooms are also available in the area.

•Kwebang Lampas – crowded, mostly hip people.
•Borawan Island – people there were mostly young professionals. Expect a long line in the toilet.
•Dampalitan Island – if you prefer to stay in a peaceful and quiet island while enjoying the beautiful view of the beach, Dampalitan is the one that suits you.

Boat Rental Rates:

  • Option 1: Boat Rental with tour (includes 3 Islands) – Php 1,800.00
  • Option 2: Boat Rental (2 way) – Php 1,000.00

Borawan Island Fees:
•Overnight entrance fee – 220.00
•Daytour entrance fee – 150.00
•Tent Rental (overnight) – 300.00
•Tent Rental (day tour) – 200.00
•Tent Pitching – 200.00
•Free use of water and toilet

Kwebang Lampas Fees:
•Overnight entrance fee – 160.00
•Daytour entrance fee – 80.00
•Cottage rental (optional) – 350.00
•Tent Rental (overnight) – 300.00
•Tent Rental (day tour) – 200.00
•Tent Pitching – 200.00
•Water per container – 50.00

Dampalitan Island Fees:
•Overnight entrance fee – 100.00
•Day tour entrance fee – 80.00
•Cottage rental – Table (optional) – 300.00
•Cottage rental – Kubo (optional) – 850.00
•Tent Rental (overnight) – 300.00
•Tent Rental (day tour) – 200.00
•Tent Pitching – 200.00
•Water per container – 50.00

Budget Breakdown:
Roundtrip Bus to Lucena – Php 420.00
Roundtrip Minibus to Padre Burgos – Php 80.00
Boat Rental – Php 1,800/6pax
Borawan Overnight fee- Php 220.00
Borawan Tent pitching – Php200.00
Kwebang Lampas Day Tour Entrance fee – Php 80.00
Dampalitan Day Tour Entrance fee – Php 80.00
Water – Php 50.00
Total Budget: PHP 1,430 for 3 islands


  • Contact Nanay Thess (0921 454 3137) ahead or reservation of the boat.
  • Don’t forget to get the contact number of your boatman so he will know what time you will be picked up.
  • Bring flashlights or any source of light and power banks for emergencies
  • Feel free to bring in food as much as you want.
  • Some who visited the island commonly refer the island as “Bawat kembot mo may bayad”. Hahaha! This is so true. Upon your arrival at the island, there will be Manong or Manang waiting at the shore to collect the entrance fee which is kinda annoying.
  • Jellyfish everywhere! So be warned.
  • There are kayaks and bamboo rafts to explore the island.
  • You can also play volleyball, there is a net available.

Enjoy Quezon ❤️



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